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August 13, 2014 at 9:11pm
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Classical Painting Redraws! One of hopefully a few between wife (Shy) n co workers (Lisa n Kaylee)<3 
Was an exercise in trying to find what our style is, drawing something given in what we thought our styles were/are. Honestly this was one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. Not because drawing but trying to figure out what I do or what I am as an artist. I don’t think i’ve found that yet but maybe I and the others if they’re looking for it will find something in these little exercises we’re doing.
Wasn’t sure how far we should go from the original so afraid mine isnt too interesting @ o @;;;;;
Teal Diana by Lisa Sterle
Pencil Diana by Shy Custis
Painted Diana by Coey Kuhn
Ghost Diana by Kaylee Davis

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Coey & Shy’s Terrible Summer Fund and Shy’s Commissions

Hello, everyone!
Well, things have gotten so tight, we’ve had to swallow our pride and make an Indiegogo campaign to help us get back on our feet. The IGG page goes into detail, but the TL;DR is we’ve had so many unexpected and expensive bills between my trips (and probable future trips) to the hospital, the tree falling on the house and the damage it caused, and one of our cats needing surgery soon, that everything is backed up, financially. We can’t afford even basics for the time being, like restocking inventory for Otakon (which is in less than a month), getting the car fixed, down to basic bills which are going to start coming in soon.

The IGG campaign gives out thank-you cards, prints, stickers, and discounts to our Etsy shop. It’s difficult for us to stomach blatantly asking for financial help, so we tried to compensate any donations a bit, somehow.

Also I (Shy) am taking marker-coloured character-commissions through the IGG campaign for $50 (this includes shipping the piece to you). I’ve been thinking of taking some, anyway, so it just seemed to fit in as a perk for IGG. Here’s examples of my marker work.

Regardless of if you can contribute or not, it would be a HUGE help if you would reblog/retweet this to get word around. With our next con being still a month away, and a lot to pay for before it, We’re really in a bind!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so kind to us in the past, and for anyone who contributes or reblogs this IGG post!

reminder this dumb thing is still going on x___x;;; thank you to anyone who had helped or can. it’s been awesome seeing shy work on the commissions tier rewards tho <3 

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A little fun.


A little fun.

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June 18, 2014 at 3:23pm
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Star Trek Into Darkness + cinematography

May 20, 2014 at 1:39am
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Today’s levitation, Cerise Doucède

May 2, 2014 at 6:53pm
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Jim Henson: A puppeteer’s advice, Zen Pencils

Thanks, Jim.

December 25, 2013 at 10:19pm
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Ephemeral Rays: Hundreds of Suspended Light Bulbs in a UK Dockyard

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Summer Drizzle on Cornish Fields


Summer Drizzle on Cornish Fields

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Today’s Classic: The Rape of Persephone by Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1622)

November 28, 2013 at 12:53pm
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[…] Early in my freshman year, my dad asked me if there were lots of Latinos at school. I wanted to say, “Pa, I’m one of the only Latinos in most of my classes. The other brown faces I see mostly are the landscapers’. I think of you when I see them sweating in the morning sun. I remember you were a landscaper when you first came to Illinois in the 1950s. And look, Pa! Now I’m in college!”

But I didn’t.

I just said, “No, Pa. There’s a few Latinos, mostly Puerto Rican, few Mexicans. But all the landscapers are Mexican.”

My dad responded, “¡Salúdelos, m’ijo!”

So when I walked by the Mexican men landscaping each morning, I said, “Buenos días.”

Recently, I realized what my dad really meant. I remembered learning the Mexican, or Latin American, tradition of greeting people when one enters a room. In my Mexican family, my parents taught me to be “bien educado” by greeting people who were in a room already when I entered. The tradition puts the responsibility of the person who arrives to greet those already there. If I didn’t follow the rule as a kid, my parents admonished me with a back handed slap on my back and the not-so-subtle hint: “¡Saluda!”

I caught myself tapping my 8-year-old son’s back the other day when he didn’t greet one of our friends: “Adrian! ¡Saluda!”

However, many of my white colleagues over the years followed a different tradition of ignorance. “Maleducados,” ol’ school Mexican grandmothers would call them.

But this Mexican tradition is not about the greeting—it’s about the acknowledgment. Greeting people when you enter a room is about acknowledging other people’s presence and showing them that you don’t consider yourself superior to them.

When I thought back to the conversation between my dad and me in 1990, I realized that my dad was not ordering me to greet the Mexican landscapers with a “Good morning.”

Instead, my father wanted me to acknowledge them, to always acknowledge people who work with their hands like he had done as a farm worker, a landscaper, a mechanic. My father with a 3rd grade education wanted me to work with my mind but never wanted me to think myself superior because I earned a college degree and others didn’t.


Ray Salazar, Mexican etiquette some white people need to learn on dad’s 77th birthday.

Saluden Muchachxs, saluden.

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